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Golf Canada – Governed by the Royal Canadian Golf Association
Suite 1 – 1333 Dorval Drive, Oakville, ON L6M 4X7

Phone: 905.849.9700 800.263.0009 Fax: 905.845.7040

Senior Management
Chief Executive Officer
     Scott Simmons (View Bio)(905) 
Chief Executive Officer, Golf Canada Foundation
     Martin Barnard(905) 849-9700 x 
Chief Financial Officer
     Dave Lafleur(905) 849-9700 x 
Chief Sport Officer
     Jeff Thompson(905) 849-9700 x 
Chief Championship Officer & Tournament Director, RBC Canadian Open
     Bill Paul(905) 849-9700 x 
Executive Assistant to the CEO / Board Administrator
     Dawn Anderson(905) 849-9700 x 

     Garrett Ball(905) 849-9700 x 
Senior Accountant
     Andrea Driedger(905) 849-9700 x 
Junior Accountant
     Lindy Tran(905) 849-9700 x 
Office Manager
     Alison Richmond(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Human Resources
     Melanie Davis(905) 849-9700 x 
Bilingual Sales Centre Assistant
     Christiane Beauchamp(905) 849-9700 x 
     Kathy Oliver(905) 849-9700 x 
Director, Information Technology
     Alan Green(905) 849-9700 x 

Amateur Championships
Managing Director, Rules, Competitions and Amateur Status & Tournament Director, Canadian Pacific Women’s Open
     Brent McLaughlin(905) 849-9700 x 
Director, Rules and Competitions
     Adam Helmer(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Rules and Competitions
     Cam Crawford(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Rules, Competitions and Handicap
     Madeline Small(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Rules & Competitions
     Mary Beth McKenna(905) 849-9700 x 
Interim Coordinator, Championships
     Russell MacKay(905) 849-9700 x 

Professional Championships
Chief Championship Officer & Tournament Director, RBC Canadian Open
     Bill Paul(905) 849-9700 x 
Managing Director, Rules, Competitions and Amateur Status & Tournament Director, CN Canadian Women’s Open
     Brent McLaughlin(905) 849-9700 x 
Director, Business Development
     Dave Kay(905) 849-9700 x 
Account Manager, Business Development
     Scott Gallant(905) 849-9700 x 
Director, Partnership Marketing
     Jeff Moore(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
     Jaclyn Ouellette(905) 849-9700 x 
Manager, Professional Championships
     Milaina Wright(905) 849-9700 
Operations Manager, Professional Championships
     Kris Boomhouwer(905) 849-9700 x 

Commercial Operations
Senior Director, Sponsorships / Professional Championships
     Rick Desrochers(905) 849-9700 x 260 
Managing Director, Business Development & Partnerships
     Craig Sharp(905) 849-9700 x 
Manager, Licensing & Merchandising
     Marianne Baker(905) 849-9700 x 

Corporate Communications
Director, Corporate Communications
     Dan Pino(905) 849-9700 x 
Manager, Corporate Communications
     Colleen Duffy(905) 849-9700 x 
Manager, Corporate Communications & Social Media
     Terry Lenyk(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Media and Public Relations
     Morgan Bell(905) 849-9700 x 

Membership and Heritage Services
Managing Director, Membership & Heritage Services
     Karen Hewson(905) 849-9700 x 
Regional Director, Membership, Western Canada
     Blair Armitage(604) 
Regional Director, Membership, Quebec and New-Brunswick
     Rémi Bouchard(514) 
Regional Director, Membership, Ontario and Atlantic Canada
     Christine Dengel(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Handicap and Score Centre
     Justine Decock(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Member Services
     Melissa Bouffard(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Member Services
     Taylor Stevenson(905) 849-9700 x 
Curator, Canadian Golf Hall of Fame & Museum
     Meggan Gardner(905) 849-9700 x 
Museum Assistant
     Jason Cheong(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Golf Canada Foundation
     Spencer Snell(905) 849-9700 x 

Sport Development
Manager, Youth Performance
     Dave Stockton(905) 849-9700 x 
Manager, Youth Development
     Ted Logan(905) 849-9700 x 204 
Coordinator, Youth Development
     Adam Hunter(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Golf In Schools
     Kelly Woloshyn(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Recreational Programs
     Rebecca Siddall(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Sport Development Communications
     Tyler Costigan(905) 849-9700 x 
Head Coach, Men's Team
     Derek Ingram(204) 
Assistant Coach, Men's Team
Head Coach, Women’s Team
     Tristan Mullally(905) 849-9700 x 
Assistant Coach, Women's Team
Director of Golf, Golf Canada Calgary Centre
     Chad Rusnak(403) 640-3555 
Director of Instruction, Golf Canada Calgary Centre
     Jay Myren(403) 640-3555 

Brand & Marketing Services
Managing Director, Brand & Marketing Services
     Peter Kirkpatrick(905) 849-9700 x 
Web Programmer
     Ljubomir Gorscak(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Marketing & Design
     Josh Kyrzakos(905) 849-9700 x 
Coordinator, Web Development
     Matthew Ricks(905) 849-9700 x 
Campaign Coordinator & Technical Administrator
     Craig Church(905) 849-9700 x 

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