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John B. Steel

Born: 22 July 1908
Place of birth: New Milne, Scotland
Death: February 14, 1993
Inducted: 1988

John Steel started his career as Carpenter and Caretaker at St. Charles Country Club in Winnipeg.  He showed an interest in greenskeeping, for which he appeared to have a natural aptitude. When the greenskeeper died, Steel was given the job.  John Steel made up for his lack of formal education in his science by reading and attending seminars in Canada and the United States.   He was a moving force behind the founding of the Canadian Golf Superintendent Association (CGSA) and was elected as the first president.  He was a founding member of the Course Superintendent's Association of Manitoba in 1950.  John was made an honorary life member of the Manitoba association and of the CGSA.   In 2003 Mr. Steel was one of the first class of inductees to the newly formed Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame.

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